• Experience a Renewed Sense of Wellbeing

    Be empowered to bring your body's energy into harmony.
  • Experience a Renewed Sense of Wellbeing

    Be empowered to bring your body's energy into harmony.
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Christie Vallance

Energy Practitioner with 17+ Years Experience in the Healing Arts

Intuitive Life Coach

Meditation Instructor

Access your body’s inner healing ability.   Healing Energy sessions assist you to energetically open, creating natural energy flow, balancing the chakras, and inviting you into a meditative state where blockages, hurt, pain and trauma are able to release. As your energy shifts, you experience a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.  Learn easy self-care energy techniques designed for your needs.  Allow me to assist you with your healing.  



This is how I started working in the healing arts.  I was burned out in a stressful job and began having anxiety attacks. These triggered flashbacks of childhood trauma.  I felt overwhelmed and depleted! I had a breakthrough that changed my life.  Read more in the About Me section. 


Ways to Participate With Inspiring Wellbeing!

Free Meditations


Your body's energies are the key to overall, health and vitality!


Inspiring Wellbeing's mission is to assist people in reconnecting with their own inner wholeness.


Healing Energy Sessions

Energy healing is a practice that stimulates the body’s subtle energy systems to break through blockages, allowing a healthy flow of energy in the body. When these energetic blocks are disrupted, the body’s innate ability to heal is reactivated.

The intention in energy work is to return the body's energetic systems to balance so that the body, mind and spirit can heal naturally.  

"This entire healing process was an incredible healing and freeing experience.  Christie has a special gift to share that truly transcends our common experiences and this made her for me a true healer." RM

"I contacted Christie after a chronic disease flair up.  She and her spirit teams that support her work wrapped me in love, soothed my symptoms, but also rooted out some of its core causes. I recommend her highly." Elizabeth F

More testimonials on each page.  See below. 

Private Session Investment

Healing Energy Meditation Classes

Healing Energy Meditation is a guided practice in which healing energy is shared with the group.  This  invites us to let go, opening and harmonizing the energy in the body, finding an expansive state which brings us into a connection with our innate healing presence within.                                                                  "My whole body relaxed and I just opened into this calm healing experience.  I felt a blanket of protection around my body. Deep peace was surrounding me. This opened me to something deep that was suppressed. In this place of safety, all I had to do was release.  So grateful I followed my inner wisdom to come to this class." SB 

"I feel lighter and calmer, not hurried as usual for me!" Focused on my heart space. Felt like floating away from cares and physical pain. These sessions are so helpful to help me focus on what's important. They also help me sleep better!"
"I have so much stress and anxiety. In this practice, I saw a bright white light come out of my chest. I feel peace and calm!"
Meditation Classes

Vagus Nerve Practices

Many of us are struggling with stress and anxiety.  Exercises that target the Vagus Nerve have a profound effect on our overall physical and emotional wellbeing.  These practices help us eliminate the adverse effects of chronic stress. The positive effects are cumulative so the more you practice, the more you are creating new healthy neuro-networks between the brain and the nervous system.  These practices are clinically proved to work and are easy to learn.  Many are from Stanley Rosenberg and his book, Assessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine practices.  My free guided meditations offer these practices and many other meditations. 

Insight Timer is a free app.

"Right now is the first time that I have felt like myself in a very long time!" ME

"This private session helped my nervous system shut down. I felt a sense of relief and lightness, and calm that I have not experienced in a while."


Vagus Nerve Meditations