My Healing Journey Continued:

This is how I started working in the healing arts.  I was burned out in a stressful job and began having anxiety attacks. These triggered flashbacks of childhood trauma.  I felt overwhelmed and depleted! 

I went on a meditation retreat with time to relax and release from my daily stressors.  During one of the these meditations, energy sparked from the base of my spine upwards.  I felt it was a sign to listen to my body and start doing serious self care.


I learned the value of slowing down, breathing, meditating, taking time for me. I figured out that it is okay to receive, to ask for help and not to try so hard or do it all on my own.  As a consequence of these changes my body started to heal, but I still felt like I needed something more.  I found an energy healer who helped me to balance my body’s energy. 

I found the courage to leave my stressful job.  I got off all prescription medication for anxiety.


I went on to become a fully certified iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation teacher.  I trained to be a registered yoga instructor as well as an energy practitioner. I became a Energy Practitioner.  I learned Vagus Nerve practices from Stanley Rosenberg that have been invaluable to restoring my nervous system.  I used Energy Medicine practices from Donna Eden which have also helped me tremendously in my healing journey. As I studied with teachers along my way, I learned various valuable mind body tools. 

When I started teaching, I meet many other people who were experiencing similar issues, so I started Inspiring Wellbeing.  I enjoy empowering people to come back to themselves for answers and learn self care techniques.

Christie Vallance

Over 15 + Years experience working in the healing arts.

 In her company, Inspiring Wellbeing Christie is a wellness consultant.  She uses her skills as an intuitive life coach, energy practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher to serve her clients. She combines energy healing techniques to conduct private sessions to empower people find their own inner wholeness. 


Christie's work has helped individuals successfully address a wide-range of issues, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTS), inter-personal conflict, sleep problems, grief, anger, chronic pain, physical illness and depression. Christie enjoys helping others find their own path to healing and wholeness.

She invites clients to re-evaluate where they would like to go in their lives.  She also shares mind/body techniques to help empower this transformation. Through this guided process, she assists her participants to experience a clarity, peace of mind and self-value.

Christie is an energy practitioner, who provides a number of healing modalities to enhance her private sessions.  These include diagnostics, clearing and balancing with energy healing, iRest Dyad Therapy practices,  Vagus Nerve practices to heal the nervous system and other mind body techniques.

Christie is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Practitioner and teaches meditation to combat veterans at the Sacramento Veteran's Center.  Christie founded the Healing Energy Meditation Program which has provided a safe space for people to come together to heal and find that inner wholeness.  She is  a registered Yoga instructor and teaches yoga and meditation at Fusion Yoga Studio in Sacramento. 


Christie is an expert educator.  She spent many years teaching special needs students in public schools.  She has a Master's Degree in education from Georgia State University.

Healing Energy Sessions

Sessions are remote via phone or Zoom. 


Sliding Scale if needed


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Receive Meditation and Movement Practices
​When you receive a private session you will also learn
energy practices to use at home that are specifically tailored to your needs. Meditation practices will also be recommended.

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