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Healing Energy sessions target the energy fields in and around your body.  Improving the flow of energy, balancing chakras, enabling relaxation, moving you into a meditative state where blockages, hurt, pain and trauma can release. This enhances and restores your body’s natural balance, aiding in reducing pain, speeding healing and lessening the symptoms of illness. 

Healing Energy Sessions
Free Insight Timer Meditations
Veteran Classes
Private Meditation and Yoga Classes
Healing Energy Sessions

Healing Energy Sessions

Your body’s energies are KEY 

to vital health and wellbeing.  Stagnant energy may lead to blockages and disease in the body.  I will work with you to create balance using energy technique to unlock, enhance 

and restore your body’s balance.  Let me assist you on your healing journey with these interactive sessions.


"My distance energy session with Christie was one of the most profound healings that I have ever experienced.  It opened me to childhood trauma that was ready to release.  That was not easy for me, but I felt safe and supported.  I sensed the energy clearing my sacral chakra where the trauma was housed.  Afterwards, I felt so much clarity around the issue.  Letting go of those past hurts was invaluable." Deb

Sessions may include:

Each session is individually tailored to you. We will clear the body's energy field,  balance the energy centers within the body and open you into a meditative state where you are able to release what is ready to let go, such as, blockages, density, hurt, pain, trauma, toxic emotions. This allows you to receive what you most need at this time.



Remote sessions can be done over the phone or Zoom.  A distance session will help you clear and align your chakras, release blockages, and allow you to open to receiving the energy that you need to be restored and renewed, aligning with your life purpose.   

Investment: $80


​or Paypal

Free Insight Timer Meditations
Insight Timer Free Meditations

I have a full range of guided meditations on the free app Insight Timer!  Just click the link above.  These meditations include mind/body skills for soothing the Vagus nerve, breathing practices, calming practices, energy techniques,  sleep meditations and more. 

I invite you to try these practices that invite you to let go, opening and relaxing and  finding an expanded space which brings you in into a sense of wholeness.  This creates a tremendous amount of free flowing energy in the body. 



 ·    Release tension

·     Open and balance energy 

·     Find a place of complete


Meditation Class Testimonials

"I experience such healing on a deep level. Christie is so perceptive and knows what each one in the rooms needs. Not only do I feel so much better when I leave but she gives me ideas about what I can do during the week to take care of myself.  I love how gifted Christie is as I feel safe with her and open to change. It truly is a transformational experience." Rikki

"Christie's words guide me into meditation. I feel my whole body begin to tingle and flutter - a feeling of unplugging from this material world. The light floats over body -- a cleansing type energy, a releasing of the negative and allowing of the positive.
Christie's words become more like vibrations than real words. There is a sensation of calm coming over me as I relax further. The material world is gone. I feel light as feather and know that I'm connected to my higher source. I see my children laughing and playing next to me as we are in a large green pasture with the sunlight peeking through the clouds. The sights and smells are so real and I know that all is well.
I am floating above my body and visualize the gift that Source is giving me. The gift is placed in my hand. I look at my hand and it's a beam of light which keeps calling to me -- be love, only love. No matter what challenge is before me I know- all is well."

"If "work" is love made visible, that is you, Christie, in your classes!" 

New Meditation Student

​"I will be back!"  I feel like I have been on vacation.  I connected with myself and my body in a way that I never have before."

​"This class is like a magical massage!" S. S.

“Christie’s healing spirit is evident in each session.  Her insight, and hope has helped me to face and begin to overcome childhood terror, sadness and regret.  The tools that I put to use in my daily life are Christie’s gift to me!”  M. O.

​"I come back to this class because I feel so good afterwards.  Uplifted.  It reminds me  of the truth, that I am spirit." R. M.

"I came to class with back discomfort and it is gone!" D. B.

"All I can say is Expansive Heart Meditation is amazing.  I am sleeping better and feel more confident."

Veteran Classes
iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

This is a scientifically proven practice that gives you tools to help you cope with PTSD. iRest is taught at over 40 Veteran's Centers in the United States.  This practice was developed by Dr. Richard Miller, author of The iRest Program for PTSD.  

"If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you know how debilitating the symptoms can be. Many times, people with PTSD will suffer flashbacks, have intense nightmares and difficulty sleeping, and may feel angry, anxious, and constantly “on alert.” Living with PTSD is extremely difficult, but there are ways that you can manage your symptoms and, in time, recover."

Join us to learn from this valuable practice.

Do I Qualify?

Call the Sacramento Veteran's Center for information: 

(877) 927-8387


Sacramento Veteran's Center

1111 Howe Avenue

Sacramento, CA

Dates and Times

Classes are suspended due to Covid.

Bring Family Members

Bring your partner or close family members. This is a safe place to come and relax, release and rejuvenate. 

Veteran's Testimonials

“iRest meditation has helped me cope with PTSD and depression as a result of my deployment.  It has helped me to get to know myself better and to greatly reduce my stress levels.” R.M. Veteran, two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan

"During this meditation, I feel like I am coming home.  I feel a sense of wellbeing."  Vietnam Veteran

“Initially, I had doubts about this class, but I gave it a chance anyway.  I am happy that I did for a number of reasons.  I learned breathing techniques that help release tension in my body and I learned to bring calmness to a stressful situation.” Vietnam Veteran 

“This class has helped me breathe and relax, release tension, ground into my body, bring my mind and my body in harmony, be more aware of my emotions and my triggers in situations.”  Veteran

Private Meditation and Yoga Classes
Free Meditations &
​Breath Practices:


Private Yoga Classes

I guide you through private or semi-private classes that are specifically tailored to your needs.  Not currently offering private sessions.

Private Meditation Classes

Often people think they are unable to meditate.  Learn techniques privately to assist you in starting a home practice.  Offering Remotely.

Yoga Classes

Check out my yoga classes:

Fusion Yoga Studio.  

Each class has a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation. 

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